About Vote Youthfully 2019

The decisions made of the European Parliament elected this May are going to directly affect the lives of all young people living in Europe.

As FIMCAP Europe we, therefore, asked all the party groups represented in the European Parliament about their positions on topics that are particularly relevant for young people.

During the weeks before the elections we publish all the answers we receive here on this blog. This way you can easily compare which ideas and concepts suit you best and vote YOUTHFULLY in the European elections.


You can find the answers sorted by party groups respectively youth wings HERE.

Here you can the answers of all party groups and youth wings on the topics of:

Moreover, we have also collected some ideas for youthful policies from FIMCAP, our member organizations and our partners. You can find these ideas HERE.

About FIMCAP Europe:

FIMCAP is the International Federation of Catholic Parochial Youth Movements and officially recognized by the Roman Curia as Association of the Faithful and full member of the European Youth Forum. It organizes together with its member organizations international spiritual, education, social and exchange activities, gives Catholic youth a strong voice in Europe and in all over the world and builds this way a better world
and a living church. As FIMCAP, an umbrella organization with national member organization in all parts of Europe we represent 100,000nds of young people. We want to be a strong voice for them and empower them to be active members of society and contribute in shaping Europe. An important opportunity to shape the future of Europe is to exercise one’s right to vote. We want to encourage our members to vote and empower them to make an informed decision.