Inspiration for youthful policies from our member organizations

“YOUrope” project by Katholische junge Gemeinde (Germany):

Launched in 2014, the YOUrope project aimed at building the capacity of KjG members to lobby and advocate for youth rights at the European level. In collaboration with other members of FIMCAP, young people worked over 7 weeks in various workshops that resulted in the creation of advocacy toolkits that could be used by their members (but not-only) in their work on the following topics: volunteering, right to work, right to free expression and information, right to social security and right to non-discrimination.

Link to 2019 edition (from KjG Bavaria):

Advocacy for children’s rights by Katholische Jungschar (Austria & South Tyrol):

Katholische Jungschar advocates actively for children’s rights. Traditionally, young people from Jungschar organize projects on the 20th of November, the Universal Children’s Day, to raise awareness for children’s rights.


Memorandum by Chirojeugd Vlaanderen (Belgium):

In the context of the European elections and the Flemish local elections Chirojeugd Vlaanderen created a memorandum. They ask policy-makers for:

  • Paying attention to the mental health of children and young people
  • Creating a society with equal opportunities
  • Listening to and recognizing youth work and volunteers
  • Creating space for children and young people in the public space
  • Supporting international exchange within and outside the EU


Call for time for volunteering by ZAK (Malta):

Volunteers from ZAK Malta are confronted with the problem that inflexible university curricula make it difficult to dedicate time for volunteering. Therefore, they have released a letter calling for better conditions for volunteering.


Proposal for voting rights without age restrictions by Katholische junge Gemeinde (Germany):

KjG calls for removing all age restrictions in democratic elections. Young people should be able to register for voting, as soon as they feel prepared for taking part in elections, instead of having arbitrary age limits for voting.


Disclaimer: The content of the projects and ideas on this site does not necessarily represent an official FIMCAP position.

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