Answers from YDE

About YDE:

YDE are the Young Democrats for Europe. They are the youth wing of the European Democratic Party.


You can look up their national member organizations here:

And here you can find the national and regional members of the European Democratic party, which you can also find on the ballot papers at the European elections:

Social inclusion

  • How do you imagine an inclusive Europe? And what do you want to do to realize this vision?

To us, an inclusive Europe must be based in equality, respect, tolerance and freedom.  Inclusion is one of our values in itself, we advocate for respect to minorities and diversity, In order  to achieve a more inclusive Europe, we want to foster social and inclusive policies that do not leave behind any European citizen. In this regard, for example, we want to foster the development of rural areas, youth employment, the access to high-speed internet, the access to training and higher education to improve the employability of youth within the EU, training in languages free for migrants, etc.

  • Do you think Europe does enough to help the children and young people who were forced to flee from war, persecution and hunger? How do you want to help them?

We think that integration is the basis for the humanitarian help. The aim of helping cannot be restricted to money allocations that help the migrants only in the moment in which they arive to Europe, which is still necesary. In this regard, we advocate for establishing quotas for the inclusion of migrants in universities and schools, the provision of free european lenguage trainings, fostering internships for migrants in order to help them to enter the labour market, etc.

  • Do you think Europe does enough to help the children and young people in Europe who are forced to live in poverty? How do you want to help them?

On of our values is equality. In this sense, we believe in the equality of opportunities. In this sense we consider absolutely necesary maintaing a solid public health and education system which allows the citizens to improve their living standards, through the improvement of their employability and being healthy.


  • Young people in Europe demand more climate action. What do you want to do to meet their demands?

We advocate for climate action and fostering of circular economy. The most important legacy for the next generations will be conditioned to our actions today regarding climate. In this sense, we consider that fostering the electrification of transport, reciclying, the use of renewable energies and introducing the principles of circular economy within the industry must be the action lines of our environmental strategy.

  • How do you want to make travelling in Europe more sustainable?

Two ideas: electrification of transportation and shared economy models.

  1. Electrification of transportation, meaning the swift from the use of traditional fosil fuels to the use of electricity, will contribute to the environmental sustainability, reducing the impact in nature.
  2. In addition, the increase and fostering of shared cars will contribute to the reduction of vehicles in European roads, reducing the consumption of energy, traffic jams, space needed for cars within the cities, etc. Smart mobility is one of the most relevant allies for progress and environmental sustainability.
  • What do you want to do to make sure that the European Union and its member states meet the climate goals they have agreed upon in the Paris Agreement?

Regarding the upcoming European elections, I think that it is important to check that the different manifestos of the European political families foresee climate actions and are in line with the COP21 agreement.

  • Which concrete actions do you propose in progressing the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals in the next term?

Sustainability does not only stand for environment. It is also important to be aware of the implications of training, social development and health, among others.

In this regard, Young Democrats for Europe is committed to fight against social breach, fostering social policies that do not leave any person behind. We also work for the improvement of training, fostering of dual education and paid internships.

In addition, one of the lines of our own manifesto is fostering food sustainability within the EU, improving the conditions for R&D and fostering the acquisition of products in the local (European market).

As we are concerned as well about the health of European citizens, we consider that it would be necessary to create a new European Food Safety Agency, which could carry out studies on the harmfulness of the products that are currently in dispute.

Our measures regarding environmental sustainability have already been mentioned.

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